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Get Email Summaries in Seconds ⚡️

Just forward your long emails and threads to [email protected] and see the magic ✨

No 3rd party extensions or software needed 🙌

[email protected]
Presonalized Newsletter

Regular digest of all your emails.

Setup automatic rule based forwading in your email client and we'll send you Daily/Weekly tl;dr emails compiling and summarizing everything in one single mail.


Scan through attachments to get deeper insights.

Parse through the documents and images in your emails and get summaries based on them.


Make your inbox more managable

Super Private 🔒

No browser extensions needed. Which mean we can't lurk around in your inbox 24/7. We just see and summarize what you send us.

Super Speedy ⚡️

An email takes about 1/2 a minute to summarise. We are actively working on bringing this time down even further ⚡️

No software required ✨

You forward your emails to us and we send you summary as a reply. No heavy extensions or electron apps to bog your browser or system performance.

Secure 🔒

We don't store anything you send us, so we save on storage costs and pass on that savings to you 😁

Forward your long emails and threads to us and see the magic ✨

[email protected]

2000+ emails already processed for our beta users.